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M-68 teeth whitening light with intra-oral camera best teeth whitening

Type:Oral Therapy Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name:TCF
Model Number:M-68
Place of Origin:Taiwan
certificate:CE & FDA
warranty:1 year


Product features:


– Consisting of 3 different kinds of LEDs light source achieves broad band wavelength output:  blue light:390~530nm,red light:610~650nm .


– Activate almost all whitening materials in the market.


– High light-energy source: 25Watt,over 2327mW.


– Adjustable light energy output for sensitive-teeth patients.


– Different light source mode: blue light exposure only, or broad wavelength light exposure.


– Durable and elegant design: portable stand with metal positioning arm.


– Ergonomic full arc head with timer display. Patient can simply know how much whitening time remains.


– High performance fan inside for best cooling effect.



– Wi-Fi application available via Wi-Fi transmitter.Display and manage real time image/video on mobile device at the same time via wireless Wi-Fi     connection. Free APP is included.


– Free APP and dental image management software included


– Use of 2.0mega high resolution lens, auto-focus operation.


– Total solution with self-contained 8" monitor.


– USB disk saves up images permanently.


– VGA, Video, micro USB output port for monitor,TV,and computer connection


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